The Daily Word in fire, UFOs and Bachmann

Giant alien flowers made from balloons

Las Conchas fire eats 92,735 acres. The largest fire in the state’s history charred 94,000 acres.

See the fire from Bob Martin’s helicopter.

Can’t buy your fireworks at Smith’s.

Seattle police officer leaves semiautomatic rifle on the trunk of patrol car and drives around.

Stability, not monogamy.

20 craziest job interview questions. Capital One: How do you evaluate Subway’s five-foot long sub policy?

FBI releases UFO sightings.

How Michele Bachmann’s miscarriage helped make her an abortion opponent.

Reisling in the summa.

Guy makes life-sized Tyrannosaurus Rex out of balloons.

Internet spam doesn’t bring in as much money as it used to.

The truth about sex trafficking.

The compass of pleasure: Muted dopamine systems and why you drink too much.