The Daily Word in Scientology, coyote shooting, hookup apps

The Daily Word

AWOL soldier arrested with bomb-making gear near Ft. Hood, according to base officials.

APD officer turned on his lapel video camera during the shooting last month, and KOB put the footage online.

Deputies arrest a guy on the Mesa who, police say, was shooting at coyotes.

The rains have come, and the Bureau of Land Management will lift all fire restrictions tomorrow.

UNM student dies after falling ill with lupus while studying abroad in Nicaragua.

News of the World editor gave a murdered girl’s mother a cell phone that was hacked by the paper, according to Scotland Yard.

Mad lib letter for resigning from your job.

Grindr, the hookup app for gay men.

State’s high court rules enviro groups can join a legal battle over greenhouse gas regs.

Mayor looks to weaken Albuquerque’s energy requirements.

Female roommates in their early 20s find hidden cameras all over their apartment.

Heavy metal preacher sues Rachel Maddow and a net news site.

N.M. Judge Mike Murphy arrested and charged with bribery—again.

Right-wing extremists a threat to the United States, too, say law enforcement officials.

Rapper breaks down the debt ceiling crisis.

Inside Scientology.

Be a record store clerk without living a cliché.

Songs about girls, alphabetized.

Lose weight the French way? By scrutinizing your food as it relates to the size of your fork?