The Daily Word in heroin car wreck, liquor-stealing nudist, the loudest day ever

The Daily Word

I-40 wreck reveals 8 pounds of heroin.

Berlusconi’s clock is ticking . Or should I say meter?

11.11.11 may be the “loudest day ever,” thanks to Spinal Tap.

Wait, you want more?

Socorro beefs up security after letter threatens mass deaths at public institutions.

Ashton Kutcher gives up Tweeting, but still goes for million dollar hobo on the red carpet / Jason Mraz look.

Did Egypt close the pyramids out of fear that religious groups would summon mysterious 11.11.11. powers?

Trout is out.

Why Super Mario Bros. is not conducive to real life.

“Involuntarily intoxicated” man wants DUI reversed.

Man killed in shooting near Occupy Oakland site.

Not only is Rick Perry dumb, he’s also full of shit.

Will the wild world of whip-its be revolutionized?

In this week’s LiLo news, Lindsay can’t pose naked right.

Man wearing nothing but socks robs liquor store.

Kudos to Moss and Anderson for their help.