The Daily Word in tacos, Gov. Jan Brewer and doll protests

The Daily Word

Driver’s license face-off in the Legislature today. Ugliness predicted.

Ether Man” who raped UNM students and other women gets another quarter century in prison.

APD tried to bait thieves with a backpack and laptop left on a Downtown street. Two people arrested in the backpack sting are suing police.

Frightening food mascots.

To help Latinos in Connecticut after civil rights violations, this mayor might indulge in some tacos for dinner.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer gets into it with the president.

The tale of the “SNL” star turned tea party talking head.

Lou Reed dislikes interviews.

The man bun, a thing in fashion.

Little girl slaps her mom with pizza to save her life.

How video games were born 40 years ago.

Doll protests staged in Russia.

Gingrich will build you a moonbase if you make him president.

A high-def image of our little blue planet from NASA.

Why the three dimensions you know and love won out over the other six.

The decline of the Juárez cartel.

Scientists make a 3D object invisible.

Heroin burrito.

Clothing sizes are junk.