The Daily Word in truck-tossing tornadoes, hot dogs and troublemakers

The Daily Word

Seventeen 37 years ago today, Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft in Albuquerque.

“Never enforceable" teen curfew law is taken off the books.

Still, it’s good to avoid getting arrested: Bernalillo County MDC will be studying up on the Supreme Court’s ruling on strip searches.

Tornadoes wreaked havoc yesterday, but no reported deaths at this point in Texas.

Sunland Park official shenanigans are never-ending...

An 80 year-old woman was able to safely land a plane after her husband died at the controls.

Pakistani extremist not impressed by U.S. bounty out on him.

Former Colorado sheriff pleads guilty in scandal; will serve sentence in a jail named after him.

Meanwhile, two Louisiana prisoners spent 40 years in solitary confinement.

The Church of Scientology has its own ways of punishing bad behavior, according to disgruntled former spokesman.

Don’t words like “dinosaur” just make you feel bad?

An Arizona state lawmaker scares his coworkers.

Hot and cute puppy rescue.

The New York Times would like you to do something "hyperaddictive" and "stupid" on their website.