The Daily Word in Burger King, The Smiths and the Dalai Lama

The Daily Word

Teen tries to turn herself in, but her warrant isn’t in the system. APD drops her off at a bus stop, and she’s found dead in a ditch the next morning.

Murdoch acknowledges a phone-hacking “cover-up” at News of the World.

Man forced to moonwalk at gunpoint.

Insanity defense used for a speeding ticket in Taos.

Commissioner Wiener poses for a photo with bar girls in a sex tourism hotspot in the Philippines.

Burger King set to go cage-free.

A prom dress made of paper bags.

Santa Fe students stage a walkout over prom guidelines.

Four Factories: The Stranger visits places that make concrete, mattresses, sandals and cookies.

Will The Smiths reunite?

People in Arizona care less about immigration.

Dalai Lama says each country belongs to its own people. He also admits to finding women attractive.