The Daily Word in post-Easter reports, lots of tweeting, Star Trek Las Vegas

Happy Easter Monday

The Daily Word

Santa Fe Man killed after being thrown from his car during police chase.

Swedish tweeting whistleblower gets caught in his own speed trap.

What to ask yourself before buying a pooch.

Saddest Easter ever: 3-year-old gets left behind at park after egg hunt.

Meanwhile, an English boy finds a live hand grenade during his egg hunt.

More terrified children being held by horrifying Easter bunnies.

Just in case you didn't eat enough candy to make you barf this Easter, here are some recipes that incorporate Cadbury Cream Eggs.

Gotta love politicians and their tweets.

The forgotten story of the (would have been awesome) Star Trek Enterprise attraction that almost came to Vegas in 1992.

Suspects arrested in connection with Oklahoma shootings that left 3 dead and 2 injured.

Breaking Bad season 5 will be split and aired in 2 different sections.

Robots v. Pirates.