The Daily Word: solo circumnavigation of the Americas; Nugent backlash continues; goodbye Chuck Colson

The Daily Word

Santa Fe animal shelter took in a 39 pound cat.

ARMY cancels Nugent performance. In other Nuge news, did you know Meatloaf and Derek St. James sang most of his famous songs?

"Painter of Light" Thomas Kinkade estate brouhaha.

Lamborghini is going to make another ugly overpriced S.U.V.

Brace yourself for Lisa Gail Allred's "music."

The FBI wants us all to visit a website in order to find out if our computers have a virus.

Whatever Happened To Brett Smiley?

Hamster Hotel.

Matt Rutherford has returned to Annapolis, MD after an unprecedented solo circumnavigation of the Americas.

Secret police surveillance from communist Czechoslovakia.

Why some children's books are no longer on Britain's library shelves.

Nixon adviser, jailbird, and christian Chuck Colson died.