The Daily Word in guns, UFOs and Mayan dwarf slaves

The Daily Word

A month before the Department of Justice announced their probe of A.P.D., a union poll found 43 percent of officers supported said investigation.

Since the Newton, Conn. massacre, gun sales in Farmington have surged. The most popular items are AR-15 and AK-47 rifles.

Carlsbad resident Bill Harris claims to be the oldest practicing dentist in New Mexico. He's 91.

George H.W. Bush is in intensive care in Houston. Bush was admitted for bronchitis and also suffers from lower body parkinsonism, which affects balance. He's used a wheelchair for about a year.

Santa Fe Archbishop Michael Sheehan discusses Pope's tweets in a very catholic fashion.

UFO reports in New Zealand spiked over Christmas. It's summer there.

If you're neurotic, try to be conscientious, too.

Besides accurately predicting the end of the world, the ancient Maya may also have kept dwarves as slaves.