The Daily Word in back-to-school survival, BrBa and B-movies

The Daily Word

I love that my Daily Word duty falls on Thursdays because I get to hype all our new issue's content. This week, that's our annual back-to-school survival guide. Audit our 101s: environmental noise studies, cultural/historical geography, transportation science, zoology and entomology and philosophy.

Barron Jones reports on the out-of-state teens bused in by anti-abortion organization Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust—which compares legal abortions performed since 1973 with the Holocaust—and a proposed ballot measure that would create a City ban on late-term abortions.

Peep the expanded, online version of film editor Devin O'Leary's interview with B-movie veteran Albert Pyun to learn about Pyun's passion project, Road to Hell, which is a sequel to cult classic Streets of Fire.

Rent the apartment Jesse and Jane shared on "Breaking Bad." Pinkman's 1983 Toyota Tercel and Mike Ehrmantraut's '92 Buick are also gonna be up for grabs.

Navajo Nation is poised on the cusp of a wifi sea change.

I skimmed the aural cream from this week's live music happenings and the result is Four Up: “ ... A stone gas, honey,” wax vs. twang, BaBa’s Sunday roost and psyched for sexbeat.

ATTN Foodies (or is it foodists?) Cast your virtual ballot for our annual Best of Burque Restaurants issue soon.