The Daily Word in food trucks, Voodoo mixtape and District 2 forum

The Daily Word

Scope the Alibi's 2013 Food Truck Field Guide: Gail Guengerich stalks the wild food truck. Eric Castillo reports on challenges faced by mobile restaurant entrepreneurs.

Devin D. O'Leary chats with Ghoul Skool, one of the media archeologists behind Everything is Terrible!

Soundtrack your triskaidekaphobia or a The Thirteen Club-themed dinner party with our Voodoo ritual mixtape. Suggested party decor includes piles of spilled salt, jars of well water infused with Mercury dimes, glitter and red brick dust—sub tonic water for glow-in-the-dark fun—and vévés.

Mark Lopez interviews ¡Ask a Mexican! author and OC Weekly Editor Gustavo Arellano about Chicano art and la raza.

Ever-tasteful UK rag The Daily Mail revealed its Lego-esque, Breaking Bad-themed crystal meth lab. In other BrBa news, show memorabilia, including furniture, art and maybe even Hank's minerals will sell from 9am to noon on Saturday; learn more here.

ISO District 2 political engagement today? Around, say, 6:30pm? Consider this community calendar pick to learn more about The Three Rs: roundabouts, revitalizations and the Rio Grande.