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The Daily Word in election, Tex-Mex-Thai and "The Thrill-Kill State"

The Daily Word

Voter turnout in Albuquerque municipal elections is dismal. According to this City chart, less than 14 percent of registered voters rocked the ballot box in 2011; in 2009, less than 30 percent of registered voters fulfilled their civic duty. The business of running and strategizing financial growth, allotment of social services and general rule-making in our fair city are at the heart of these elections, and you should care about that. With an anti-choice special election and Bosque development planning on the horizon, you should also care who represents your voice on issues ranging from reproductive justice to environmental planning. So scope the Alibi's premasticated 2013 municipal election digest before heading to the polls. ... and please use your voice, citizens.

Kristi D. Lawrence shares insight into local photographer/artist Margot A. Geist's incendiary matchbox artwork in The World Inside.

Rudi Thornburgh waxes poetic about legendary musician Billy Cobham in preview of his Spectrum 40 tour, hitting the KiMo this weekend. Learn more in Billy Cobham's Fierce Fusion.

Does Tex-Mex-Thai sound too good to be true? Ari LeVaux's review of Thai Saweiy may change your dinner plans.

Conservation groups concerned about New Mexico prairie dog and coyote-killing contests band together to propose new monikers for our state. Front runners include old standby "Land of Entrapment," "The Thrill-Kill State" and "New Mexico: We'll Blow You Away."

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