UNM Nepalese Student Association Hosts Vigil, Fundraiser


UNM Nepalese Student Association Hosts Vigil, Fundraiser

Much like our readers, we here at the Alibi have been deeply moved by the plight of Nepal's earthquake victims. Music writer August March wrote an essay about his travels in Nepal and called for donations toward the cause. Editorial assistant Amelia Olson thoughtfully compiled a list of charitable organizations that are accepting donations for and contributing to the relief effort. The Nepalese Student Association at UNM hosts a candlelight vigil and fundraiser tonight to create a space to grieve and pay tribute to those lost to and displaced by the series of powerful earthquakes.

Starting at 7:30pm tonight, the public is invited to gather at the south entrance to the Student Union Building (SUB). Following statements by UNM Dean of Students Dr. Tomás Aguirre, Nepal Study Center Director Dr. Alok K. Bohara and Ph.D. candidate/Nepalese Student Association member Dadhi Adhikari, a procession to the east side of the SUB will be followed by a ceremony of lighting candles that outline the shape of the Nepalese flag. The New Mexico Nepalese community and the student association have partnered with nonprofit America Nepal Medical Foundation. Cash and check donations to ANMF can be made at the vigil. Donations to ANMF can also be submitted online at americanepalmedicalfoundation.com.

Here's the latest update from ANMF, which is on the ground in Kathmandu, providing relief to the citizens of Nepal:

Coordination is the primary challenge now. ANMF has set up a local command center in Kathmandu headed by Dr. Prativa Pandey, MD and Mr. Sashwat Acharya and based at the CIWEC Hospital at British-Indian Embassy Road, Launchaur, Kathmandu. This center is the hub of all information about ANMF’s work and is focusing on: streamlining all communication between Nepal and ANMF-USA; collecting the needs/requests of local hospitals and medical groups and promptly distributing the request to ANMF-US for approval; keeping track of available resources such as tents, blankets, medication, equipment in ANMF-focus areas; coordinating with partnering organizations such as FNCCI to distribute material and supplies to affected areas immediately; tracking financials like accounting and billing and managing and coordinating volunteers locally and from abroad."