The Daily Word 01.21.09

The Daily Word

The party’s over, and President Obama gets to work.

One of the first items on his list was halting the prosecutions at Guantanamo.

And the Middle East is asking him to focus on the Palestinian conflict.

If you’re in Santa Fe today, stop by City Hall between noon and 2 p.m. for some free compact fluorescent bulbs.

Wired’s “inauguration through the eyes of Flickr”

One man’s journey with his iPhone’s GPS feature (and adventures in geoshagging).

Test your presidential history (it’s more fun than it sounds).

Valles Caldera may need funding.

Were you too wrapped up in inauguration day to see Richardson’s State of the State address? Then here’s the transcript, if you care.

No more peanut butter for APS cafeterias.

The Treasury nominee wants to rework the bailout.

The feds say New Mexico might be the most corrupt state in the nation. Great.

The Taliban sends a message to Obama.

Israel is preventing money from coming into Gaza.

Sen. Kennedy is OK.

Most of Obama’s appointees were confirmed, but Clinton is on hold.

Malia and Sasha Obama get a surprise visit.

A rare look inside the presidency.