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Today's Headlines from Everywhere

Death and destruction merchants were very busy over the weekend in Albuquerque, Tribune reports. And KOB-TV reports even more mayhem. KOAT-TV reports that two teens are at large after leaving a Santa Fe treatment center for juvenile defenders: one for homicide and the other for arson and attempted homicide. Lock your doors!

All hope is not lost: On Friday 26 officers graduated from the New Mexico State Police Academy.

Also on Friday, a jury acquitted Al Unser Sr. of charges brought against the four-time Indy 500 winner by Bernalillo County sheriff's deputies.

Shame Factor Five: Over the weekend DWI offenders names and photos appeared in The Albuquerque Journal and Tribune. The ads are paid for by the proceeds of confiscated DWI vehicles.

Maybe a white Christmas? Winter storm warning today!

Happy Holidays! The U.S. trade deficit hit a record high this summer.

Rumsfeld out as Robert Gates is sworn in as secretary of defense.

Iranian President (a.k.a Mr. Did the Holocaust REALLY happen?) is losing support as opponents lead in Iran's local elections.

A man has been arrested in England for the alleged murder of five prostitutes.