The Daily Word 01.28.09

The Daily Word

Voting in Iraq goes smoothly.

The U.S. urges Israel to cease fire.

Webcasting is on the table at the Roundhouse.

So is domestic partnership.

The stimulus bill is expected to pass the House. It would deliver a bunch of money to education.

And if it gets passed, New Mexico could see $700 million of it.

Intel is cutting 100 to 200 jobs in Rio Rancho.

Some crackers were recalled for fear of salmonella. Crackers?!

Wired starts its own music awards.

600,000 lose power in the Midwest due to an ice storm.

Eric Holder is the new attorney general.

UNM freezes administrative salaries, promising three more full-time, tenure-tracked faculty positions.

Egypt says its piece.

Will UNM students lose their free buss passes?

Iran continues atom work.

Palin creates a PAC.

Amazon will release the new Kindle.