The Daily Word 02.26.09

The Daily Word

President releases blueprint for $3.55 trillion budget.

UNM faculty meet to discuss administration in an attempt to matter.

It's National 'Do Over Day' (in Canada)! Here's a chance to make better choices and live without regrets (available in Canada only).

Spending on family planning actually saves money.

Branch of NM National Guard (the Tacos...really) gets unsatisfactory grade.

Obama family to get Portuguese water dog.

Washington town mayor mad at Jindal's post-State of the Union volcano remarks.

Recession causes just-about-to-be-trendy LA neighborhood to be regular.

Top Chef on "Top Chef" not really the top chef.

Parents say disabled children's show host is freaking their kids out.

Darwin News of the Week: What do you call that rare bird we've been looking for? Dinner.