The Daily Word 03.04.09

The Daily Word

A warrant for the President of Sudan’s arrest.

A bill in the NM Legislature that basically supports teaching creationism. Yep.

Meanwhile, the death penalty repeal bill keeps on truckin’.

So why is China suddenly spending so much on its military?

A gel to protect against AIDS?

A boon for net neutrality.

What do two million flights in on airspace look like?

Obama calls for accountable, less wasteful spending.

Obama also cracks down on tax havens.

Clinton goes to the West Bank.

Why would someone attack a cricket team?

This map is so pretty you almost forget it’s sad.

An Albuquerque cop shot his stepfather.

Will UNM reject a financial audit request? Could it really?

Rush Limbaugh is still an idiot.

New Mac computers.

Microsoft to battle Google and Yahoo on the Web.