The Daily Word 04.03.09

The Daily Word

The next state in the Union to allow same-sex marriage is ... Iowa.

The sneering face of UFC.

Slice and dice from the tire vampire.

The Hunter S. Thompson of real estate. (The real Hunter S. just turned over in his cannonball.)

Don't look: Unemployment rate shoots to 8.5 percent.

Slavery still exists, and it exists in New Mexico.

Did Obama's grassroots take root?

The New York Times concluded no foster children were killed in drug trials. But this Village Voice writer is not so sure.

England's queen is annoyed by everything. Example: A too-loud Italian prime minister.

Haussamen reflects on his 3-year-old political site and a changing news industry.

Grapefruit diet and birth control pills almost cause one woman to lose her leg.