The Daily Word 04.08.09

The Daily Word

Lawyers seek the death penalty in a Roosevelt County case after the state’s passage of the death penalty repeal.

Will the governor allow retired workers receiving a pension to go back to their jobs and get a salary too?

Cigarettes and chewing tobacco will only be allowed on UNM campus in designated smoking areas, starting Aug. 1.

Cyberspies broke into the U.S. power grid and implanted scary software. Yeah, seriously.

An actor takes a role with the Obama administration (Kumar from the Harold and Kumar movies).

Sharing DNA with aliens.

Pirates hijacked a U.S. ship.

Obama starts an AIDS campaign.

Finally, a governor who can at least see the moral high ground regarding same-sex unions, even if he doesn’t “believe” in it.

A loud siren in your neighborhood could mean a kid’s broken out of juvie.

Apparently people are worried that Obama’s traveling too much. Really?

A U.S.-Iranian journalist is charged with espionage in Iran.