The Daily Word 04.10.09

The Daily Word

Tuition up, special projects down. Way to go, UNM.

African-Americans in Albuquerque not thrilled with the Journal's front page yesterday.

The walk to Chimayó.

Bus driver and assistant lock a special needs kid in a bus for six hours. Say they just forgot him.

You know you messed up when they chip your name off public buildings.

Ha ha ha. This lady wanted a license plate that said "ILVTOFU." Because she's a vegan.

The captured American captain jumped overboard, but the Somali pirates brought him back.

Faith groups are losing the gay rights fight, say it's costing them their religious freedom.

Twitter novels.

The science of profanity.

Woman eats 51 of the world's hottest chilis.

Great Onion headline.