The Daily Word 04.12.09

Easter Sunday Edition

The Daily Word

Happy Pagan fertility holiday!

The Journal gets scolded for printing mug shots.

Nostalgia for Luna County's thriling Cambray Overpass.

Navy Seals rescue sea captain from Somali pirates.

Clean out your closets folks, Goodwill needs donations. (Fluff warning.)

Meet Manitowoc, Wisconsin's 22-year-old blonde mayor.

Here's a weird front page murder story.

Local fitness challenge is so hot.

Why does the press care so much about Obama's church choice? And could it be that he doesn't believe in that hocus pocus?

Meanwhile, the first dog has been selected.

New, rare orangutan city found in Borneo.

Galapagos volcano erupts, exacts natural selection on inhabitants.

Memory-editing drugs make some nervous/some not nervous.

Album of the day: "There It Is" by James Brown.

Weather: Rain, wind and mid '50s today, partly cloudy and much warmer tomorrow.