The Daily Word 04.14.09

The Daily Word

It's a rash of break-ins: One man enters a police sub-station for no specific reason, and another man, sadly, enters an animal shelter to get his dog back.

A shift in USA's Cuba policy.

Obama to discuss economic crisis.

Solar company wants to move to Albuquerque.

Read about the sexualization of fast food.

Germany bans genetically modified corn.

A young, unmarried Afghanistan couple were murdered by the Taliban.

GM recalls 1.5 million mostly late '90s cars.j

President Harding's Laddie Boy was the most famous first dog.

24 films you can't watch again.

Spaaaaace memorabilia.

Facebook users are stupid.

The secret to a long life is to be agreeable, outgoing and unneurotic.

Album of the day: "Jet Generation" by Guitar Wolf.

Weather: Low '70s today, cooler by Thursday.