The Daily Word 05.07.09

The Daily Word

No peace between Pakistan and Taliban.

Police hunt for gunman in Wesleyan killing who may be targeting local Jews.

Wildfire in SE New Mexico forces evacuations.

Pictures of victims found on West Mesa on billboards.

During recession, Europeans taunt us with an effective social safety net.

China releases first tally of student deaths from last year's earthquake.

And there are those in China seeking to create an "earthquake tourism" industry.

On this Trek movie eve, consider Obama as Spock.

Has photography of the American West created a dangerous mythology?

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are the celeb couple poll responders would feel most comfortable leaving their kids with. No Mickey Rourke and dog?

Maine and New Hampshire think gay marriage is OK. Louisiana, not so much.

Three-year-old boy found alive after being lost in the woods for 50 hours.