The Daily Word 05.12.09

The Daily Word

18 mph "bike boulevard" gets much needed press. Guest what? People can't obey the weird speed limit.

Yawn. More swine flu in New Mexico. And maybe in the rest of the world. SWINE FLUUUUU!

Stephen Colbert gets his very own beetle. (But wishes it was George.)

"Can You Die From Lack of Sleep?" Fuck no, I'm writing this blog right now, goddamn.

The Hubble space telescope is still scoping space, yo.

Euro Florida settlements are old ... and "harbor history." Heh.

Acupuncture may work, lends illegitimacy to medicine in general.

Cryptid alert: Giant shark winters in the Caribbean.

This trilobite was big.

Xtian playground vs. prairie dogs.

Folic acid prevents premature birth maybe.

Subprime lending bullshit is still an issue.

Album of the day: "The Further Adventures of Charles Westover" by Del Shannon.

Weather: Cooling down to the mid '80s this week. Thank you satan!