The Daily Word 1.11.07

Today's Headlines from Everywhere

New Mexico's commuter train someday soon could get you from downtown to the airport with a new stop under construction at Second Street and Rio Bravo.

Bernalillo County plans to build one-half million dollar car wash!

Governor Richardson proposed an 11 percent increase in spending on government and public education, in total costing just slightly more than the car wash mentioned above, cool.

Is Albuquerque Tribune parent company planning to sell off newspapers?

Weekend weather: Snowy.

Washington Post-ABC News poll: Most Americans Opposed to Bush's Iraq Plan.

NATO Forces claim a large group of insurgents were killed in Afghan battle while Taliban spokesperson called assertion "a complete lie."

High-ranking al Qaeda suspect thought killed in air strikes in Somalia may be alive.

Step closer to next World War? U.S. forces raid Iranian consulate in Iraq.

Democratic Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut, 62, joins a widening field of early presidential contenders, John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich, Tom Vilsack.

Ten days later, fishermen find wreckage of Indonesian jetliner.

Mrs. Cruise a favorite in Beverly Hills.

New study finds 100 percent of Irish paper currency contaminated with cocaine.

Thirty-seven endangered tortoises return to New Mexico to live on Ted Turner's ranch in south-central New Mexico.

Chinese dolphin called extinct, first time in 50 years that a large aquatic mammal has been driven to extinction, since Caribbean monk seal.