The Daily Word 1.12.07

Today's Headlines from Everywhere

Top Story: Convicted Sex Offender Poses with Kids in Youth Program Brochure. "Bad for you, Albuquerque!"

In more "Bad for you, Albuquerque!" news: State Police drug agent charged with (aggravated!) DWI charge.

Study (from one year ago) finds more than five thousand homeless in New Mexico.

Winter weather forecasted, Friday afternoon through Sunday morning.

City Indifferent daily newspaper's second most read web story, "Vacation Rentals."

Bush's Iraq plan not popular on Capitol Hill, his first taste of Congressional skepticism since taking office.

Glass broken in embassy window in Athens. Blast considered act of terrorism.

Al Qaeda finds secure hideout in Pakistan to rebuild their strength.

NATO attacks Taliban in Afghanistan: Insurgents and civilians killed?

Some Chicagoans will be allowed to opt out of peak time utility usage to cut costs.

Air Force staff sergeant who posed nude for Playboy has been relieved of her duties while military "investigates."

Posh Spice and David Beckam abandon Europe move to Southern California, oh yeah, he'll play for Los Angeles Galaxy (soccer team).

Carter Center loses 14 advisers after Carter's book published, concerns over his stance on Israel-Palestine conflict.

Bird influenza update: 59th Indonesian claimed.

Dell Computer Corporation announces plan to plant trees in order to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions related to powering your PC.

Widow Terri Irwin swears all footage of Crocodile Hunter's death destroyed.

Canadian spy coins used as surveillance devices.

PC World magazine editor slain, son denies drug dealing reports.