The Daily Word 08.02.09: Trains on Sunday, Underwater Cities, Marijuana Design

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

Israel is a total asshole.

Mozart drops new album and it's off the chain.

The underwater world of nautical archeology.

If pot was legal, here's how the packaging might be designed.

New Rail Runner stop opens at I-25 and 599, and next month the train will run on Sundays.

New HIV strain discovered, and it comes from gorillas.

Should there be a maximum wage?

Which roads should stay open in the Carson National Forest?

The white-sided jackrabbit is at risk.

Apple tells you when to stop drinking.

Madonna signed her love letters as "Lola Montez."

Album of the day: Thriller! by Cold Blood. (Released in 1973.)

Weather: Partly cloudy, highs in the mid '90s with scattered showers all week.