The Daily Word 1.15.07

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The Daily Word

Attorney Bregman: Arrested State Police officer that was drinking/urinating was working hard buying meth to arrest bad guys!

Los Alamos National Laboratory really is going to clean up that old nuclear waste this time!

New Mexico rarely makes the national news, but rescued camper story makes the grade.

Trib's N.M. news rodeo, plus not-to-be-missed world news hootenanny, lastly Richardson Roundup.

U.S. House of Representatives passes stem cell bill (253-174) Thursday; New Mexico's Udall and Wilson voted in favor, Pearce voted against. Bill noted as first to not receive unified Democrat support, 16 voted against.

Ice storm blamed for 300,000 without power and 21 deaths over four states. We got snow, but look on the bright side.

President Bush opens third front in Iraq war, against Iran!

Former Cheney aide Scooter Libby trial will be parade of Washington elite.

Two former Hussein aides hanged in Iraq.

Video games business bigger and bigger than ever.

A radio station contest to win a game console by drinking water without urinating claimed the life of a mother of three in Sacramento.

Little Miss Sunshine tied Dreamgirls with four Critics' Choice Awards each from the Broadcast Film Critics Association, Oscar nominations annouced in one week.

Ex-Miss Nevada finds work faking orgasms on stage at Hard Rock in Vegas.

New York City fashion professionals issued guidelines (stop smoking and drinking, see a doctor) by way of addressing the issue of models that are too skinny--that's some good advice, they really do care!