The Daily Word 08.13.09: Rove, Cheney and Shampoo

The Daily Word

Looks like Karl Rove did have something to do with David Iglesias, NM 's U.S. Attorney, getting fired. I, for one, am shocked.

To combat dropout rate, Albuquerque high schools will stay open in the evening to allow students to make up classes.

Los Lunas couple arrested under suspicion of torturing their two-week old child.

Cheney intimates that Bush tried to pull away from being the Dark Lord's puppet.

France and Germany no longer in recession.

Health care opponents' digs at England's system pisses off the English.

Golf and rugby might become Olympic sports.

UNM Lobo football fans will have to now pay for parking.

This just in: Pot is easy to get in California.

There's a lot of crap in shampoo.

It's John Slattery's ("Mad Men") birthday.