The Daily Word 1.17.07

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The Daily Word

The 2007 60-day session of the state legislature kicked off yesterday, with Richardson proposing tax cuts and increasing spending for education.

Richardson says Senator Barack Obama is "exciting candidate," as Obama takes first step to enter presidential race.

Freezing temperatures in Albuquerque have got pipes a bursting, tips here. That's nothing compared to the $1 billion cost of the cold snap that ruined lots of California produce. Or the storm that left 54 dead in nine states.

Rescued camper, missing for five weeks, in good condition at hospital in Silver City, sets record.

Netlfix will start allowing some of its customers to stream movies off Internet.

Apparently Fidel Castro gambled on a risky surgery in lieu of colostomy bag.

NATO has apparently arrested a Taliban leader in Afghanistan.

Another al Qaeda leader, this time in the Phillipines was killed in a two-hour gun battle.

Bush's Iraq plan meets military protest.

Anti-missile system begins tests on commercial jet, has it come to that?

By now you should know: U.S. citizens traveling next week to Canada or Mexico will need to have a passport.

British newspaper editors have their staff thinking about juicing up their first paragraphs with key phrases and topic words so they search well on Google.

Beautiful, pig-rich celebrities, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are moving to New Orleans as part of their lust for helping poor folk.

Rent-a-Rock-Star for private functions, all the rage amongst the richy rich!

Enough Golden Globes 2007 pictures, gossip and other crap to last a lifetime.