The Daily Word 09.20.09: Terror plot probe, insane killer, net neutrality

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

Obamas have swine flu. (Cough), I mean they're getting vaccinated for it.

CIA probes Al-quaeda terror plot.

Insane killer escapes on a field trip to Spokane County International Fair.

Net neutrality is a go. The Wired take on it.

Arson suspected at Telos Two House.

Leonard Cohen fainted on stage in Spain, but is OK.

Jim Carroll died! Died! R.I.P. scary little punk poet. Video link here.

The nightmare of x-tianity.

Eight masonic myths.

Carl Jung and the holy grail of the unconscious. Warning: loooong article.

Old news: The Jornada has been the scene of another atrocious outrage.

Album of the day: A Brief History of Love by The Big Pink.

Weather: Highs drop to the '60s Tuesday, rain expected Wednesday and Thursday.