The Daily Word 09.24.09: HIV, Huge Babies, Hercules

The Daily Word

Woman gives birth to 19-pound baby. A human baby.

Possible breakthrough in HIV vaccine quest.

Balloonists angry over 'no grilling' rule at Fiesta Park.

Being gay in middle school better, still not easy. Nor is being in middle school.

Naval officers overseas victims of extended sexual harassment, caught on tape.

Giant hoard of 7th century Anglo-Saxon loot found in Britain. 80% chance one of my forebears got drunk and forgot where he left it.

Mass. newspaper calls our Gov. an "anchor baby."

Interim Mass. senator named.

Greenpeace gets uppity at G20 summit in Pittsburgh.

Not sleeping enough can lead to increased risk of illness.

Moby Dick to be translated ... into Japanese emoticons.

It's Kevin Sorbo's birthday.