The Daily Word 9.29.2009: Elephants, Missles, Marxists

Sarah Palin completes Going Rogue, a memoir to be released Nov. 17th. I can see 1.5 million copies sold from here.

Iran has bigger missles than you.

You can't have sex at Tufts University dorms if your roommate is present. Exhibitionists lament.

Washed-up Andy Williams calls Obama a Marxist. Obama calls "Moon River" opium of the people.

Pet food sales up in weak economy. For pets or for humans yet to be determined.

Big Brother is watching you. On Facebook.

UNM football coach Mike Locksley punches receivers coach in the face.

Meteorologist extraordinaire Steve Stucker's identity fraudulently used.

The Rio Grande Zoo's new baby elephant named Daizy. There will be no driving this 318-pound animal.

Income gap widening in lieu of economic plight.

Today in sports: Cowboys dismantle Panthers on national TV. Los Angeles Angels (of Anaheim) clinch third straight AL West title.

Fall coming slowly but surely; highs of 83 today and tomorrow, but dropping to the mid '60s by Thursday.