The Daily Word: Special session, flu, fashion, graffiti

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

Special session news: Richardson proposes 1.5 percent education cut, a proposed tax increase killed and salary cuts for state employees won't happen.

Drive-thru flu vaccinations available at UNM, come with side of fries.

See fashion week.

There's a new documentary about Monty Python.

Nob Hill graffiti art gets graffitied upon.

Louisiana Justice of the Peace who refused an interracial couple a marriage license says he's not a racist.

But hey, it's not all bad in Louisiana, the New Orleans Saints are undefeated.

Kids' movies that aren't for kids.

The 'Treehouse of Horror' is 20 years-old.

Hitler billboard in Thailand covered.

Hills star arrested for DUI, LA needs some damn public transportation, but wait—can't these rich people afford taxis and limos?

Weather: Highs in the upper '70s, lowering to the upper '60 by Thursday.