The Daily Word 11.24.09: Porsches, Palin, Passports

That crazy President Obama caught bowing again! Fire spewed from Cheney's mouth at the same time, reportedly.

250,000 unlucky animals sacrificed as part of Hindu festival.

"The Governator" caught parking his Porsche in a red zone; $90 citation to be "terminated?"

Sarah Palin's Going Rogue sold over 700,000 copies in its first week.

A New York man is brought back to life after 47 minutes of being, well, dead.

Typical Steelers fan: Man beats pupppy to death before the start of the Steelers/Chiefs game.

Mars was once wet and humid some gazillion years ago.

$1 million dollar lottery win still unclaimed.

24 more bodies unearthed in a Philippines massacre linked to local elections.

New Mexicans may need passports to fly come the New Year.

2.1 million dropside cribs recalled by the government.

Thirty-two people charged with contempt of court in Taos get charges dismissed by judge.