The Daily Word 11.26.09: Turkeys, Floats, Tina Turner

The Daily Word

Happy Thanksgiving! Weird traditions people come up with. Weirder than eating cranberry jelly shaped like the can it was in.

Text messages from 9/11 victims come out.

Can science build a better, happier turkey bird?

Bernalillo County commissioner proposes 4-day work week.

This couple crashed the Obama state dinner on Tuesday.

The Macy's parade took a new route. Here are photos of creepy balloons of yesteryear. And here's even more weird moments from the past. My fave? Tim Conway hanging out with life-sized Cabbage Patch Kids in 1984.

Hilarious turkey hotline calls.

Shaquile O'Neal pays for kidnapped girl's funeral.

Both China and U.S. agree to targets on emissions reduction.

It's Tina Turner's birthday!