The Daily Word 011.28.09: Spaceport, Black Friday, Rail Runner, Tiger Woods

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

Spaceport to be constructed out of aluminum foil by an Albuquerque company.

Folks bought flat-screen televisions on Black Friday. More on the hard-core shoppers.

And why wasn't the Rail Runner running yesterday?

New Mexico lightning site ranks among ultimate travel experiences.

Motorists urged to prepare for winter weather.

Albuquerque home sales are up.

Rowdy rival gang crowds shut down a funeral service last night.

Train-based terrorism in Russia.

Tiger Woods car smashed a fire hydrant in the middle of the night.

Toddler found in septic tank.

Dubai is in debt.

Roman Polanski to be released from jail.

Swedish woman murdered by elk.

Weather: Snow's a-comin.