The Daily Word 11.30.09: Sexual Desire Disorder, Obama's Cannibalism, Puppy Ears

The Daily Word

Chavez spent more time as mayor of Albuquerque than anyone since WWII.

Local man cuts off puppy's ears with a pair of scissors.

The New Mexico Symphony Orchestra is going back to work.

APD officer shot off-duty on Thanksgiving. No one knows why.

Denish has to distance herself from Richardson's scandals without appearing disloyal. (It's kind of like Marge and Homer Simpson, if you think about it.)

Horizon and Organic Dairy may not be so cow-friendly.

Today is Cyber Monday, the busiest online shopping day.

The English write about the religious right in the U.S. attacking abortion.

Women with low libidos diagnosed with sexual desire disorder.

University threw out key climate change data.

CNN turns Obama into a cannibal.

Giant jellyfish are appearing off the coast of Japan.

Oral cancer sometimes caused by HPV.

Harvard lost 1.8 billion in bad investments.

Lots of the smartest kids are going to community colleges.

Turkey wants to monitor e-mail from the time of a person's birth.

The Muppets do Queen.