The Daily Word 12.2.2009: Deadly Salad, UFO, Pork and Beans

The Daily Word

Obama announced he is adding 30,000 to fight in Afghanistan. Some people are happy, others are not.

The mayor of Baltimore was convicted of embezzling $1500 worth of gift cards meant for the poor. I smell a new season of The Wire.

I wonder what Gov. Richardson thinks about those state dinner crashers?

Fat college students in Pennsylvania must shape-up before they are allowed to graduate.

I'll have the steak. Iranian whistle-blower was murdered using a poisoned salad.

The chairman of GM resigned suddenly after the latest board meeting.

I want to believe. An IT admin in Arizona is in trouble for using school computers to look for UFOs.

Once again, Facebook is revising its privacy settings.

Hey nerds! Did you see this cool Iron Man 2 poster?

Buy a home in Tennessee, get a FREE can of Pork and Beans.