The Daily Word 01.16.10: Haiti, shark attack, sex crimes, weather

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

Clinton promises improved and continuing aid to Haiti. Haitian-French nationals, others are angry at the U.S. for disorganization. So now how are we going to deal with global poverty?

Also, Wyclef Jean's Yele Haiti Foundation questioned.

More solar power for New Mexico, maybe.

Will Chimney Rock be a monument?

Cerrillos Hills is a pretty new state park south of Santa Fe.

Tylenol recalled.

Another NM teacher accused of sex with an underage student.

Another gang rape happens in Richmond.

Parenting can reduce blood pressure.

80 million people got swine flu ... including some Alibi staffers!

NM restaurants not doing so hot.

Huge shark eats man in South Africa.

The New Orleans Saints are closer to the Super Bowl after today's win.

Mariah Carey is starting her own champagne brand.

Weather: It's sort of warm, but it will be cold again.