The Daily Word 02.12.10: Johnny Tapia, Naked Bike Ride, Christian Bale

The Daily Word

Guild Cinema fined for Pornotopia. (You remember the controversy).

When Christian Bale was in town, he lived in the house where that murdered man was buried.

World Naked Bike Ride kicked out of Albuquerque.

Many children who died or were seriously injured last year were already on CYFD's radar.

Johnny Tapia's out of jail and happy.

National GOP aiming for the seats of Heinrich and Teague.

75 percent of Americans are in favor of openly gay people serving in the military.

Soldier writes an angry rap about being kept after his enlistment commitment. He'll be court martialed in the Middle East.

Bin Laden's son says the next Al Qaeda boss will be worse.

Bill Clinton is out of the hospital.

More on Alexander McQueen.

How Christian were the founders? (This is a fantastic read).

Chinese couples rush to marry before the widow year.

The Frisbee inventor died.