The Daily Word 03.10.10: Secret Sandwich, Fat Kids, Dogs for Dinner

The Daily Word

Bank of America is ending overdraft fees on on debit cards. Really?

China may ban eating cats and dogs.

Fat kids are the new target in the war against obesity.

RIP: Cory Haim

Teen in Colorado arrested for overdue library DVD.

Hydrolyzed vegetable protein recalled by the FDA due to salmonella contamination. What the hell is hydrolyzed vegetable protein?

Rush Limbaugh makes a promise.

Our jetpacks are ready.

O.J. wants to give the Smithsonian the suit he wore the day of his acquittal.

What's the Mc10:35? It's a new secret sandwich that Nick Brown and I must eat.

Everything you needed to know about slicing beef.

It's time for Babies WIth Laser Eyes!

This is happening? Halpert from The Office is playing Captain America????

Nerd Alert! Whatever happened to the cast of Revenge of the Nerds?