The Daily Word 03.12.10: Lesbian prom scare, Lobos on a roll, wedding rings for sale

The Daily Word

Judge didn't see this man's domestic violence history. Set him loose six days before he allegedly killed his ex-girlfriend and a UNM professor.

Rescue crews scour the Santa Fe ski area for a snowboarder.

Guy stops burglary at his house.

The Lobos won again. (Fifteen times in a row, even, and 29 times this season.)

The Legislature took $25 million from UNM's pocket. So what's the plan, Schmidly?

Elections Director A.J. Salazar says he resigned from the Secretary of State's Office because of ethical violations going on there. Secretary of State Mary Herrera says he quit because she wouldn't give him time off.

Obama's not leaving the country until the House can get its health care legislation passed.

Black leaders want Obama to focus on poverty and unemployment in the African-American community.

Suicide bombers target military vehicles near a crowded market in Pakistan.

There are a lot of homeowners in the country who haven't paid their bills but haven't lost their houses. A tidal wave of foreclosures is threatening the market.

Wedding rings for sale: Unemployed women make cash on Craigslist.

Climate change makes birds smaller.

Shut down the prom! A lesbian might show up!

Good headline: Man sues airline for not looking at his scrotum.

Get her some for pretty's sake.