The Daily Word 04.08.10: Nukes, Tiger Woods, sushi, Letterman

The Daily Word

Calls to the veterans services suicide hotline are non-stop.

Obama administration authorizes the killing of an al Qaeda recruiter who was born in New Mexico.

APS budget cuts approved: APS police, double-dippers, human resources, overtime

U.S. and Russia sign a nuclear arms reduction treaty.

Methane forces mine rescuers to turn back.

What will scrutinizing Tiger Woods as he returns to golf reveal? (That he … oh, never mind. I'm even bored with the jokes.)

The world's oldest bungee jumper.

Bernanke: Watch out for staggering budget deficits!

These top Citigroup dogs say they're sorry about the financial crisis.

Sushi genes.

Dad shows his daughters porn to educate them about sex.

Loneliness is the worst.

Chris Rock makes fun of Letterman on Letterman over the intern sex thing.