The Daily Word 2.09.07

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The Daily Word

"Sunshine Cleaning" starts filming next week in Albuquerque, I hope they pay the state back for once.

Bill Richardson, the presidential candidate, said yesterday that the U.S. needs needs to lead by example in reducing our nuclear arsenal, curbing energy consumption, etc.

I am very proud and surprised that Albuquerque was named the fittest city in the United States.

From winter to spring in a hurry, five-day forecast here.

Identity theft creep gets big sentence.

License plate thefts on the rise in Burque.

Dirt floors got Californians thinking green, where's the ox blood though?

Immigration raid leaves Texas town nearly empty.

Viagra takes Spain by storm.

China closer to becoming a leading military power.

Wanna make $25 million and save the Earth?

Engineering graduates top list with most lucrative degrees in 2007.

Hope remains: "Borat" sequel not a done deal, yet!

Anna Nicole Smith autopsy planned for later today.

Ok, all hope is lost, Vanity Fair's highest circulation issue last year (713,776) was the one with Suri Cruise on the cover.

Tom Cruise hates to dance like most other middle-aged white men?