The Daily Word 04.28.10: Cousin Luvin', Coco Speaks, Iron Man 2 Stinks

The Daily Word

Police find 500 pounds of marijuana in a plane that made an hard landing in Tucumcari.

Has President Obama finally grown a pair?

Oklahoma enacts new crazy/strict abortion rules.

Senator Carl Levin wants to know why Goldman Sachs executives "pushed shitty deals?"

The Vaughan Company is finally out of business.

Malcom X's assassin freed after 44 years in prison.

Conan O'Brien breaks his silence this weekend on 60 Minutes.

I guess I won't be seeing Iron Man 2.

Surprise! A new study show depressed people eat more chocolate.

Time to stock up. Sony stops manufacturing 3.5-inch floppy discs.

Here's a map of where it's legal to marry your cousin.

Gawker breaks down the nine types of text message jerks.

Here's a list of the world's 50 best restaurants. Surprisingly none are in Albuquerque.

The second most popular story is about Bret Michaels.

I wonder what the cast of Weird Science is doing nowadays?