The Daily Word 2.10.07

Today's Headlines from Everywhere: Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

Rail Runner route should be along I-25.

Burque's bicycle dream.

California after 20 years returns New Mexico train car.

Heart disease killed former first lady Dee Johnson.

Mountains lions ready to rumble in northern New Mexico.

Newspapers settle lawsuit with coppers.

Supposed leader in education, Harvard University, finally plans to name first female president.

Sorry, gossipmongers, more time needed to determine cause of Anna Nicole Smith's death.

No deal on North Korean nuke negotiations.

James Brown's domestic partner allowed inside the house to grab her stuff.

It's about the diapers, stupid.

Fidel's bro says Castro is doing better.

Cartoon network executive takes the fall for the advertising stunt.

South Korea has another bird flu outbreak!

Iraq surge hasn't made much of a difference.

New bird flu fear: Has it entered the food chain?