The Daily Word 2.12.07

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The Daily Word

N.M. news roundup.

Traffic commutes not as long as before.

Robber with pellet gun gets shot by store owner with real gun.

Southwest Airlines will resume flights to San Francisco International Airport after ending service in 2001.

Round House report.

Drunken idiot drives seven miles on wrong side of I-25, Christ.

World news roundup.

Complete 2008 Presidential Field List

Obama declares candidacy and opposed invading Iraq. Anti-war protesters disrupt Obama rally on return to Illinois.

Cheney actually has one good quality? Loyalty!

Lack of sleep might mean lack of brain cells.

Record snowfall in upstate New York.

$150 laptop rolled out this month.

Venezuela haven for drug traffickers.

Iran denies suppling weapons to Iraq.

Iran won't suspend nuclear program, either.

Bird flu!