The Daily Word 2.13.07

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The Daily Word

Bill to end the death penalty passed the House and moves on to the Senate.

Snowfall will have rivers running high but reservoirs below normal, for now.

New Mexico ACLU meets with Minuteman about border issues.

Las Cruces housing market slows down (a little).

Richardson doesn't want tribal gambling compacts messed around with.

Rock band The Police announce reunion tour after 25 years, for the money or what?

Hillary Clinton finally acts like a winner, reminds New Hampshire she's with Bill.

Love, it's all about brain chemistry.

Bird flu linked to global poultry trade. Possible bird flu immunity suggested by study.

North Korea agrees to nuclear disarmament.

Siesta doesn't just feel good, it is good for your heart!

What kind of lover are you?

Big-time journalists defend Libby as not the one who was the leak.

Divorce stories!

New CrackBerry handheld features will make addicts happy as shit.

Harry Potter actor can't wait for his $39 million when he turns 18!